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Mesa Point Energy leverages extensive experience to provide energy efficiency consulting services to help you achieve energy conservation goals.

Demand Side Management (DSM) Programs

Our expert demand-side energy services help utilities, third-party program administrators, and governmental entities develop and implement policies and programs to reach energy efficiency and DSM goals.

  • DSM Program Design and Implementation including planning, marketing, customer service, and reporting help our utility clients meet their DSM goals. We combine our strong technical expertise, innovative thinking, project management and energy auditing skills to ensure your programs cost effectively deliver energy conservation incentives and information to the target audience
  • Program Evaluation including Technical Reference Manual development and review
  • Expert support for governmental hearings, regulatory proceedings, litigation support
  • Energy project evaluation, including energy auditing, 3rd party due diligence, and energy efficiency program performance evaluation
  • Monitoring and verification – MPE helps owners and other stakeholders such as utilities, industries, financial institutes, and energy service companies by providing M&V services.

Energy Auditing homeEnergyAudit1

From residential buildings to very large facilities, industrial facilities and distributed building stock, our seasoned experts can help you evaluate ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Our energy auditing services:

  • Creating baseline energy use profiles for existing equipment, operations, and building parameters
  • Estimating impact of energy efficiency measures on energy consumption and operational costs specific to the region and for a range of energy-saving measures
  • Developing clear, concise technical study reports with recommended actions.
  • Delivering ASHRAE level I, II and III compliant audits
  • Providing building energy modelling services for design optimization, M&V, and LEED certification.  Our focus is on using eQuest and EnergyPlus modelling packages.

Building Systems Management and Optimization

Mesa Point has strong technical skills including: modeling, retro-commissioning, troubleshooting system optimization and research.

  • Retrocommissioning can be a real plus for the bottom line. At Mesa Point Energy was one of the first proponents and adopters of retro commissioning. Since 1995, we have looked at systematic process for identifying less-than-optimal performances with the objective of improving efficiency of what’s already in place.
  • Our strong Monitoring and Verification capabilities can enhance the impact of your energy optimization and retrofit strategies.

Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Support

We provide expert support for contested energy projects
We provide expert support for contested energy projects

Let us help you navigate the complex and continually changing regulatory and legislative landscape.

  • Policy Formulation and Analysis and Regulatory Advisory is critical component in today’s energy landscape. We offer expertise in energy regulations and business practices. We help our clients develop regulatory strategies and energy policies to promote their energy conservation goals and meet regulatory compliance needs.
  • Litigation Expertise including dispute resolution and measurement and verification are service you can count on from Mesa Point. Our professionals have provided testimony on federal, state, and local cases. We have also assisted clients on privileged basis, helping with case strategy and settlement discussions


Mesa Point can provide you with economically and technically sound advice.

Consulting professionals at Mesa Point have significant experience in applying economic, financial, and management principles to business practices specific to the energy industry.

  • Contract Development and Support
  • Potential Studies  and Energy Performance Contracting– We have worked with major Energy Service Companies (ESCO) and with government to help promote and implement energy performance contracting. Example of past clients includes: the National ESCOs, State of Colorado, the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Federal Energy Management Program


At Mesa Point, we believe in technology transfer and promote industry education through development and delivery of webinars, presentations to professional organizations, end users and others, the development of energy conservation and M&V standards and guidelines, and in person engineering training for companies and other organizations

Mesa Point Energy provide energy consulting services to a broad range of clients, including:

  • Utilities
  • End users
  • Energy service companies
  • Legal teams
  • Governmental entities
  • Research institutions


Energy Efficiency Consulting