Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Mesa Point Energy’s Custom Energy Efficiency Program Support

Lower Your Energy Costs.  Increase Your Profits.

Mesa Point Energy provides Custom Energy Efficiency Program to a number of energy utility companies in Colorado.  The custom programs help large commercial and industrial customers take control of their energy costs.

These custom programs offers technical assistance and financial incentives for energy-efficient upgrades for the following, qualified  natural gas customers:

  •  Black Hills Energy
  • Atmos Energy

What incentives are available?

This program offers two financial incentives to help lower your businesses energy costs.* Technical Assistance: Get up to $7,500 towards the cost of a detailed energy audit for your facility.

Implementation Installation Assistance: Receive up to $50,000 for the installation of eligible measures and equip- ment that reduce natural gas usage.

Which customers are eligible?

  • Large commercial, industrial, and multi-family
  • Customers with unique equipment needs or application
  • Single-family homes larger than 6,000 square feet
  • Existing building retrofits and new construction are eligible
  • Transportation and irrigation gas customers are NOT eligible.

When is program enrollment?

This year’s Colorado Custom Energy Efficiency program is available January 1 through December 31, or until funding is fully allocated.

How do I apply?

Equipment or measures that reduce natural gas usage using proven and reliable methods are eligible for incentives.  Measure include:

  • High-efficiency gas heating systems
  •  Boiler / burner improvements
  • Water heating systems
  • Gas-fired process improvement
  • Control improvements
  • Heat recovery
  • Insulation / Weatherization
  • Cogeneration and CHP
  • Restaurant equipment

An Eligibility Assessment must be completed and approved prior to requesting technical or implementation assistance. After the technical study and implementation review are completed, customers can submit a request for payment of financial incentives.

Who do I call for more information?

For questions, or to receive an Eligibility Assessment Form contact the Program Administrator at 303-661-0159 or custom@mesapointenergy.com.
*All proposed energy audits and eligible measures must be reviewed and approved by the Program Administrator prior to purchase of equipment and installation.

Step-by-step Process for Program Participation

Step 1: Eligibility Assessment and Review

Complete and submit the Eligibility Assessment Form. The Program Administrator will conduct a phone interview and possible site visit. Approval of Eligibility Assessment must be received prior to requesting a technical study or implementation assistance.

Step 2: Apply for Financial Incentives

The program offers two financial incentives – Technical Study and Implementation/ Installation – which are identified and approved through the Eligibility Assessment.

Step 3: Incentive Request

After completion of the Technical Study and/or Implementation Installation, the customer should submit the Incentive Request Form for payment of financial incentives.

For questions, or to receive forms, contact
the Program Administrator at 303-661-0159
or custom@mesapointenergy.com


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